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Despite there being no documented evidence, cricket is believed to have been played as early as in the 1300s in the South-East part of England. The game gained huge popularity over the centuries and later came to be played in virtually every country that was an erstwhile colony of Britain. It has a huge fan following in the Indian subcontinent. The easiness with which cricket can be played is what made it popular in countries like India. Other major cricketing nations are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and West Indies.

The cricket field

Cricket is played on a large mostly oval grass field with curved boundaries. The diameter of the field falls between 450 feet and 500 feet. The rope demarcating the field's perimeter is called boundary. At the centre of the field is the pitch where the main action of the game takes place. Batting and bowling occur inside this rectangular strip of clay. Batsmen run between what are called the wickets to score runs. Creases are drawn on both sides of the pitch to ensure batsmen and bowlers do not overreach. The players other than the batsman and the bowler are called fielders who try and collect the ball struck by the batsman.

Lord's Cricket Ground

Simply known as Lord's in the cricket community, Lord's Cricket Ground in London is called the 'Home of Cricket'. It along with two others was founded by Thomas Lords. It currently has the capacity to hold 30,000 spectators. The seven stands in the stadium are named Warner Stand, Grandstand, Compton Stand, Edrich Stand, Mound Stand, Tavern Stand and Allen Stand. The Lord's pavilion has a strict dress code. Men need to wear ties and tailored coats with appropriate trousers and shoes while women spectators are supposed to don skirts or trousers with blouses.

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