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Love basketball facts? Can you answer these questions? Answers are below.

  • Which NBA team had the lowest average attendance in the 2018 season?
  • In college basketball when was the Men's shot clock reduced to 30 seconds?
  • What is the largest ever margin of victory in an NBA game?
  • Which player has the record for the total number of points scored in All-Star games?
  • Of the 19 Olympics since 1936 how many golds have the US men's basketball team won?

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The Atlanta Hawks have a poor home average attendance record of just 14,409. This improved slightly for away games rising to 17,854 giving an overall average of 16,088. Contrast that with the team with the top overall attendance, the Cleveland Cavaliers, on 19,403 or the Bulls with the best home average attendance at 20,776.

In 1985 the 45-second shot clock was introduced in the men's game, fourteen years after a 30-second shot clock was brought in for women. In 1993 the NCAA reduced it to 35 seconds and finally in 2015 to the current 30 seconds.

In the 1991-2 season the Cleveland Cavaliers beat Miami Heat 148-80. Mark Price and John Battle both scored 18 points apiece with Brad Daugherty and Henry James on 17 each.

LeBron James has scored a total of 343 points in 14 All-Star games. He was also MVP 3 times in 2006, 2008 and 2018.

The US won 7 straight golds from 1936-68 then lost the final in 1972 in highly contested circumstances. The US didn't go to the 1980 games and won Bronze in 1988 and 2004, making a grand total of 15 golds.

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