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Which boxing legend became world Heavyweight champion in 1964?
Which boxer had the nicknames Pretty Boy and Money?
Where are the best boxing streams?

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Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali turned pro in 1960 after winning gold at the Rome Olympics. In 1964 he fought Sonny Liston for the title and despite going into the fight as the underdog he won by a TKO in the 7th round. Despite several successful defences he was stripped of his titles for refusing the Draft in opposition to the Vietnam War. In the 1970s he was involved in some of the most famous fights in boxing, including the Fight of the Century against Joe Frazier and The Rumble in the Jungle with George Foreman. His final match came in 1981 and he finished with a record of 56-5 with 37 KOs.

Floyd Mayweather Jr has a record 50 wins and no defeats. Part of his success is his excellent defensive technique. When he was an amateur boxer he learned to block or avoid punches so well that he would finish most matches with few marks leading to his teammates naming him Pretty Boy. Later in his career savvy marketing and business decisions earned him his next nickname, Money.

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